Decanter Priorat vs. Vinologue Priorat

by  |  03-11-2015

At the very end of October, the UK wine magazine, Decanter released a Priorat tasting panel which covered a number of very nice wines from the region. In one of those rare instances, it happens to be the case that these were nearly the same vintages that were tasted for the 2nd edition of Vinologue Priorat. This allows us to look at how we and our panel of tasters scored the same wines in comparison to the good folks at Decanter which included the very knowledgeable Masters of Wine, Sarah Jane Evans & Pedro Ballesteros Torres. Decanter scored in both the French 20 point system as well as the Parker 100 point system. We scored in a three star system which correlates as such: * 85-90 points, ** 91-95 points, *** 96-100. Why do we do this? Because Parker’s system is really 15 points as you’ll never see a wine […]
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