Dealing with Diam, a healthy appetite for Ah-So?

by  |  16-05-2018

I’m not sure as to the total number of wine bottles I personally open each year but it’s to the tune of several thousand. When you’re dealing with anything on that scale, whether it be sharpening a pencil or cutting hair, you quickly start to look to for shortcuts if they exist. This is why I’ve taken to the Ah-So as once you understand how to use this two-pronged item, it’s actually faster to open bottles with, doesn’t chew up older corks, and it really saves your shoulder when compared to using a traditional corkscrew. It’s become quite crucial for large tastings like I’m doing now for several regions including Roussillon in France. And it’s specifically from these just-across-the-border French wines that I’ve encountered a larger percentage sealed with the rather new closures called, Diam. It makes sense as one of their factories is actually in Céret, right smack dab […]
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