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We begin this fine edition of the CdC, in Chile. Why? Because some thievin’ heroes looted a beer truck when it overturned. The spoils were however not in their favor of course as the beer in question, was Budweiser… in cans. Hopefully they tapped the tab when opening or there will be carnage.

Best-selling singer, Dua Lipa came down to Barcelona and then went out tasting some wines in the Penedès region. Oh, but these just any wines, but “natural” wines including Clos Lentiscus and Partida Creus. If you didn’t spot it immediately, a certain very large sparkling wine producer tried to casually slide into the replies. This of course had all the cool factor of Michael Gove dancing or Steve Buscemi being one of the kids.

In what has become something of an annual tradition, it appears that sales of Sherry wine have fallen (ES), yet again. Poor Sherry…

And then pub-goers in the UK, once realizing Keanu Reeves was there, said “Woah” in unison, except that they didn’t because as is in line with most of Keanu’s films, this was actually Whoa Part 2 given that “Whoa Part 1: The Keanu-ing” had already happened in August of last year. Whoa.

As if to give us all something to collectively ask “Huh?” about, it appears that very much previously-convicted and jailed mega-fraudster, Rudy Kurniawan was out wineing and dining in Singapore recently as per rumblings on social media. Apparently some people just like his style. Look for Rudy Part II: The Re-Scamming coming to a Acker Merrill fine wine auction near you.

Apparently, Bordeaux is having something of a no-go moment as, unlike Sherry where declining sales numbers are “expected”, the fact that fewer people want to drink the Bordeaux reds has them wondering what to do with it with distillation apparently being the go-to solution.

First it was the normalization of By The Glass wines starting at $17 in places like San Francisco. Tip of the hat to restauranteurs who have appeared able to have their cake, serve it, and demand 20% gratuity too. But now they’re now charging up to $100 for the pleasure to existcorkage fee. One wonders if they’ll start following in the footsteps of many Airbnb hosts with a restaurant version where you cook your meal and wash your dishes at the restaurant with a corkage fee becoming the fee charged for you to open your own wine at your table, once having chosen which stemware you’ve brought from home to serve it in–please strip the table clothes when leaving. Hopefully it’s still only $5 a glass for fresh water from the tap.

Weather got you down wherever you are? Think happy thoughts or more usefully muse on the fact that it freakin’ snowed in Lanzarote as in, it got cold enough for snow, in the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa. Whoa.

If 3.135kg seems like a lot of the spring onions in Catalunya called, calçots, that’s because it is. But it’s this 3.135kg (221 of ’em) that calçot eating champion Adrià Wegrzyn managed to inhale in 45 minutes to regain his title.

And the French have declared, “Ça suffit!” at least in terms of Instagrammers promoting booze as they cracked down (FR) on 20 influencer accounts with a total of five million account subscribers or in essence, 172 “real” people.

Palate Cleanser

Keanu Reeves being in the cast of any movie you’ve watched, makes it better.


Until we meet again, up in the cul of the cuvée.


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