A vineyard that time ignores

by  |  05-06-2015

If you happen to live just south of Girona and go to Sant Celoni often to take the regional train, then you, much like me, would take the GI-555 as it offers something of a toll-free shortcut from the N-II to the C-35. This is unless it’s clogged by semi trucks or local farmers thinking the same thing in which case, you just focus on the pretty trees that line the way. Rather devoid of civilization, there is only one village along the road called, Les Mallorquines. Little more than a roundabout with a couple of houses next to it, you’d be excused if you missed the small vineyard at the start of it. I’d missed it several times until driving back from Sant Celoni at the end of last summer to glimpse the tops of the bush vines just over the crest of the small hill. This happened at […]
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