In The Glass: Vinyes d’en Gabriel – Cuvilà 2014

by  |  09-11-2016

As I mentioned in the article about the vintage of 2014, it was not an easy year and a rough go for the winemakers. In general, there seemed to be two camps in dealing with... more »

Three wine kings

by  |  06-01-2015

In countries where Christmas is celebrated there seems to be a split based upon whether you think gifts should be exchanged on Jesus’s birthday, December 25th or likely when the Three Kings showed up to... more »

Ficaria Vins goes full organic

by  |  17-12-2014

About the only words that come to mind when talking about Ficaria Vins are positive and gushing. The village of the winery, La Figuera is one of the most charming in the Priorat comarca. The... more »