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Hvar Island, Croatia 2021

The wines in this report were tasted at the end of January 2021, sent by the producers. Absolutely all wines were tasted blind, under controlled conditions, sorted by color and then vintage. Please view the accompanying Regional Report to learn more details about the region, specific vintages, and an analysis of current trends.

Published: 10-03-2021 by
Total Wines: 15
Year Wine Color
2020 Bell’Jakov - Prč White
2018 Nikola Matković - Plavac Mali Barrique Red
2017 Vina Bojanić - Plavac Bojanić Bad Red
2019 Vina Carić - Cesarica White
2013 Vina Carić - Plovac Ploški Barrique Red
2017 Vina Lêše - Plavac Mali Red
2019 Vina Pavičić - Bogndanuša White
2011 Vina Svirče - Plavac de Luxe Red
2019 Vina Svirče - Pošip de luxe White
2016 Vina Tomić - Illyricum Red
2019 Vina Tomić - Pošip White
2016 Vina Vujnović - Ivan Dolac Barrique Red
2019 Vina Vujnović - Prč White
2013 Zlatan Otok - Zlatan Plavac Grand Select Red
2019 Zlatan Otok - Zlatan Pošip White