DOC Rioja Viñedos Singulares 2022

The wines in this report were tasted on 23 November 2021 at the offices of the DOC Rioja in Logroño, Spain. All wines were tasted under controlled, fully blind conditions, grouped by color and vintage with the exception of the Finca de la Rica and Reminde which were picked up at a later date. Please view the accompanying Viñedos Singulares 2022 Report to learn more details about these wines and how they pertain to Rioja as a whole.

Published: 14-01-2022 by
Total Wines: 16
Year Wine Color
2018 Bodegas Izadi - El Regalo Red
2020 Bodegas Juan Carlos Sancha - Cerro La Isa Blanco White
2018 Bodegas Juan Carlos Sancha - Cerro La Isa Viñedo Singular Tinto Red
2017 Bodegas Larraz - Caudum Red
2017 Bodegas Manzanos - Palacio de Manzanos Red
2017 Reminde - Viñedo Singular Red
2018 Finca de la Rica - Las Cabezadas de Matadula Red
2017 Hermanos Hernáiz - Finca La Emperatriz Blanco White
2017 Hermanos Hernáiz - Finca La Emperatriz Reserva Tinto Red
2017 Sonsierra - Duermealmas Red
2017 Sonsierra - El Manao Red
2017 Sonsierra - El Rincón de los Galos Red
2019 Tobelos - Los Quiñones White
2018 Villota - Viña Gena Red
2018 Viñedos de Aldeanueva - Coscojares Red
2018 Vinos Rulei - Viña El Moral Tinto Red