Life’s too short to not be “drinking well”

by  |  10-10-2019

Today’s article on drinking well, in Bali marks the first in a new series on the site under the category of that’s aptly-named “Drinking Well“. These are essentially my experiences of drinking when traveling in various destinations, including of course wine (if available) but also beer, cocktails, and whatnot. This is then all mixed in with travel tips and whatever other splash of information is needed to take in a place from a drinking and eating perspective. As I often find myself traveling for work and seeking out recommendations for good drinking spots, this series is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite awhile but for which there is rarely print space in most publications. If they do make room, it’s usually a scant 1-2 pages totaling 500-750 words at most and these days many of them are becoming “advertorials” as many regions want to promote this facet of […]
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