Today’s article on drinking well, in Bali marks the first in a new series on the site under the category of that’s aptly-named “Drinking Well“.

These are essentially my experiences of drinking when traveling in various destinations, including of course wine (if available) but also beer, cocktails, and whatnot. This is then all mixed in with travel tips and whatever other splash of information is needed to take in a place from a drinking and eating perspective.

As I often find myself traveling for work and seeking out recommendations for good drinking spots, this series is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite awhile but for which there is rarely print space in most publications. If they do make room, it’s usually a scant 1-2 pages totaling 500-750 words at most and these days many of them are becoming “advertorials” as many regions want to promote this facet of their tourism if they’re known more for something else such as say, beaches. A fine premise, but casting it in the guise of an actual, independent article is a bit deceptive, even if a “Promotional Feature” banner is run at the top.

This article on Bali clocks in at a rather “editor-gagging” 1,500 words. The second one is over 1,600! Based upon my commissioned-writing pieces in this past, this would be far too long for a traditional publication. But, this is why the web is such a great outlet given that I can actually write everything I feel needs to be said on a specific destination so that I’m not making my other most-hated type of article after the “advertorial” which is, the “listicle”.

Are these mean to be the ultimate guides to a region? God no. They’re meant to simply to share what I’ve learned in traveling and maybe open the door for other people to experience what I’ve experienced as well as come back and tell me what I might have missed. They’re meant as a stepping stone to a tastier journey if you will.

These will also feature more “off beat” destinations. After all, who would have thought they produce wine on Bali? I didn’t until starting to look into it as a destination. Is it any good? Well, you’ll just have to read the article and the others like it to come.

As with much of the content here, these will be exclusive to subscribers so if you haven’t signed up yet, do so now. Cheers!


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