Jenia Nikolaichuk
Jenia Nikolaichuk
Jenia Nikolaichuk

DipWSET (Level 4) Evgenia is the co-owner of Like a Local’s wine bar, creator of the "Winespiration" board wine game, a wine educator, and contributor to the Guide to Goodwine magazine. She's also a member of the jury for the "Salt" restaurant awards and is head of the tasting panel at the "Odessa Wine&Spirit" competition.


Photo from Kyiv Food & Wine Festival's Brave Wine

Wine & the War-Life balance in Ukraine

by  |  21-11-2022

Much like all other aspects of the country, Ukrainian winemaking is going through extreme times. The 2022 vintage has been one of the best of the previous decade–according... more »
Photo by Slivino Village winery

Ukrainian winemaking in war

by  |  11-04-2022

Most of the territory of Ukraine has been scarred by war because the Russians have been actively destroying civilian infrastructure and this fate hasn't spared the wineries of... more »