Expanding beyond wine’s harvest horizons

by  |  09-12-2022

Despite the claim that people want "unique experiences" these days, when visiting wine regions, they tend to do it in more or less the same time frame. For the Northern Hemisphere that means, May with... more »

The Catalan Vi Novell class of 2022

by  |  07-12-2022

It's time yet again to take a look at the vi novell from Catalunya, the very first wines from the latest 2022 harvest. You're undoubtedly thinking, “Hold on a baguette-jabbin' minute. The French cornered that... more »

Ukraine sees its first “Grad Cru” wine

by  |  05-12-2022

The world was still reeling from the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine when the morning of 5th of March arrived in the second week of their invasion. Mykhailo and Georgiy Molchanov, the father and son... more »

Cul de Cuvée 03-12-2022

by  |  03-12-2022

A bluntly-curated selection of absolutely random recent bits from around the wine and drink world served up "mostly fresh" for your enjoyment. Please do keep this in mind that apparently, drinking wine and tea can... more »

The wines of Hvar, Croatia 2023

by  |  01-12-2022

Please see the accompanying Tasting Report for these wines of Hvar that’s been released together with this region report. The Croatian island of Hvar was more or less how I remembered it. This despite the... more »

In The Glass: Angelo d’Uva Lagena 2017

by  |  28-11-2022

Repeat after me, “Variety synonyms, yay!” Indeed, not terribly catchy and also one of those things that makes people scream indiscriminately at either their screen or wine list, depending on if wine studier or drinker.... more »

The tale of two Reservas: Rioja vs. Ribera del Duero

by  |  23-11-2022

Such an article could have easily been titled, “I drank these two supermarket Tempranillos so you didn’t have to” but in all fairness maybe one or the other of these two wines is actually very... more »
Photo from Kyiv Food & Wine Festival's Brave Wine

Wine & the War-Life balance in Ukraine

by  |  21-11-2022

Much like all other aspects of the country, Ukrainian winemaking is going through extreme times. The 2022 vintage has been one of the best of the previous decade--according to those who were able to harvest... more »

Top Shelf: DO Montsant

by  |  17-11-2022

A series simply looking at the best of the best in wine. I walk through the vineyards of DO Montsant every day and surely somewhere, someone opens a bottle of the wine from this region... more »

A new look at Garnatxa Peluda… in Alella

by  |  14-11-2022

Whatever you do, don’t call it, “downy” Grenache. Much like how the peppers from Cuba are often misspelled as “habañeros” in the US or the Georgian aging vessel for wines is incorrectly transcribed as, “qveri”... more »