Label Grand Karakterre 201408-12-2014

Anyone within reach of Ljubljana, Slovenia or Zagreb, Croatia should set aside time this Friday and Saturday to attend the Label Grand Karakterre fair. This Central & Southeastern European fair of organic/natural wines is in... more>

A review of “Natural Resistance”10-11-2014

At the press screening night for the Most Festival, I had the chance to see “Natural Resistance” at the Filmoteca in Barcelona. I was very excited to see the screening as Jonathan Nossiter’s previous documentary... more>

Biondivino brings on the bruschetta24-09-2014

Assuming that it is an actual word, we have great enamorosity of Ceri Smith and her shop, Biondivino in San Francisco. We’re addicted to her tastings as well as her recommendations and knowledge of Italian... more>

A glimpse of Chianti in the fall (Part 2)31-12-2013

Back in October I spent a long weekend in the Chianti region of Tuscany and visited three quite different wineries that are all part of the Arezzo Wine Route. Read Part 1 of my recap... more>

A glimpse of Chianti in the fall (Part 1)29-12-2013

Back in October, I was invited to attend an event in a small town in Tuscany for the 10th anniversary of the death of beloved Barcelonian writer Manuel Vázquez Montalbán. He was a smart man... more>

Tenuta Cavalier Pepe tasting17-10-2013

Always looking to broaden our horizons, we were recently sent samples from the Tenuta Cavalier Pepe winery in the Campania region of Italy (just above the “toe” of Italy’s boot if you will.) Their vineyards... more>

Un món de vi/Un monde de vin26-04-2013

The battle lines have long been drawn in regards to the whole “natural wine” debate. While we’ve written about the growing trendiness of natural wine in Catalonia, the issues around this were further emphasized in... more>

The Torroja harvest tasting02-11-2012

We were fortunate enough to be in Priorat during the fall harvest party (or festa de la verema) that was put on by Trio Infernal and Terroir al Límit this last week, in the small... more>

Biondivino Vinicola Benanti tasting11-11-2011

It’s one of those rare gems in the wine world when you’re afforded the chance to do a true vertical tastings. Sure, you can get a glimpse of this when you visit a winery and... more>

Giovanni Rosso tasting with the winemaker28-10-2011

It’s pretty much a guarantee that whatever winery Biondivino chooses to host for a tasting, the offer will be great. And such was the case with David Rosso of Giovanni Ross pouring a few bottles... more>