An updated taste of Armenian wines16-02-2018

Just over a year ago I was invited to visit and explore all that is Armenia wine. A great and typically exhausting trip, I wrote a summary of the wines tasted and wineries visited if... more>

All the bubbly fit to drink26-01-2017

The clouds part when the middle of January presents itself. This is of course only in the figurative sense as literally, the weather is quite squalid, but this moment of clarity is due to reaching... more>

Armenian wineries and wines21-12-2016

By way of giving a little background read this introduction to Armenian wines followed by the oldest wine cellar in the world, it will make a review of Armenia’s wine bars more cohesive. Of course... more>

Wine Bars in Yerevan, Armenia09-12-2016

In February of 2013 the main editor of this website, Èlia, was in Armenia for the first time. Keep in mind that while this was just four years ago, trying to find out much about... more>
Mount Ararat and new vineyards

An introduction to Armenian wines01-11-2016

Armenia, along with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Northern Iran, and Eastern Turkey all form this “Cradle of Wine” region in the Caucasus Mountains where we currently believe the winemaking we know today to have started. Georgia has... more>

It’s that calçotada time of year25-02-2013

It could quite easily be said that it’s a blessing to only have calçotadas for one season of the year. It is a feast which, at its very heart is massively intense, delicious, and one... more>