The 2018 Wine Predictions in review

by  |  26-12-2018

We arrive to that time of year for everyone’s predictions in the wine industry about the year to come. I’ll join in that bluster parade shortly but unlike everyone else, I like to go back and review my 2018 predictions to see what I got right and what I got wrong. Why do this when there’s greater potential to look like an idiot than a genius? Because it’s one small exercise to try and stay humble in the world of wine as honestly, the more you think you know, the more likely you’re getting into a fight on Twitter… So, shall we then? Premiumization of UK wine sales I can’t find statistics to support this one way or the other. Towards the end of January more year’end reports will come out as company filings are released. The fact that taxes were raised this year on wines points back to the […]
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