Tea Reviews

Fountain Blend

Despite the “Lighter Tea” labeling of this blend, it takes on heavier attributes. It’s a blend of Assam and Darjeeling. Being that both of these are high-demand tea regions and it is not one or the other cut with a cheaper black, Chinese tea, the tea does command a higher price. Of course the question is to whether it is worth it or not. I would say that overall, it is.

The tea does a good job of floating these two teas on top of each other well. The nose initially comes across as an Assam and the body is much more like a Darjeeling, yet with a stronger backbone to it. This makes for a heartier tea overall that is still rather light to the mouth. I think the only things that make me not score it higher are the fact that Fortnum and Mason’s single tea blends are so strong, it almost seems criminal to stack two on on each other. That and the fact the finish is a bit astringent for my tastes.

Pairings: A Brie or Gorgonzola would be quite enjoyable with it. Maybe topping the cheeses off with seasonal fruits or strawberries would go a long way to balancing it out.

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