The Plavac and the Darnekuša of Plančić

by  |  28-05-2012

Plančić is a coastal Croatian winery on Hvar Island and when it comes to making truly Croatian wines, they know their business given that they only use native Croatian grapes. Bogdanuša, Parč, Darnekuša, and of... more »

Let the tastings commence!

by  |  25-04-2012

While we’re still in the midst of and nearly completed with our new Empordà-Costa Brava enotourism guide, we’ve also picked up a large number of tasting samples from from the Zagreb wine fair. We’ll be... more »

Apetit, Blue, Brava, & Piquentum

by  |  23-04-2012

After Mr. Bibich’s Friday night pouring, there was another winemaker tasting event at Apetit, on Saturday. I almost didn’t go as I was, well, rather “soft” after Friday night and had missed a number of... more »

Alen Bibich, first great wine, then hospitality

by  |  19-04-2012

For those visiting the Dalmatian Coast, you will often hear the term “Balkan Hospitality” bandied about. Once seeing the Jägermeister shot tents, expensive hotels, and the menus at restaurants printed in all languages except that... more »

Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend Day III

by  |  15-04-2012

In many cultures, Sunday is a day of rest. For the attendees, exhibitors, and staff at the Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend, after Days I & II it was indeed this, as well as a day... more »

Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend Day II

by  |  14-04-2012

Coming from Day I, naturally Day II of the Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend was a more smoothly-oiled machine. Everyone had settled in to their tables and more signs had been put up to make sure... more »

Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend Day I

by  |  13-04-2012

Today was the opening day of the Zagreb wine Gourmet Weekend, a three day event to showcase not only the wines of Croatia, but also the foods. While there are now several regional events, this... more »

One week to Zagreb and the Wine Gourmet Weekend

by  |  05-04-2012

In a week, I’ll be touching down at Pleso International in Zagreb to dig in to three days of Croatian wines. While I’m not a huge fan of queuing up to tables and rushing through... more »