Riedel me this!

by  |  12-01-2021

I have a guilty secret that I’ve been hiding from the wine world. No, it’s not a sneaking admiration for white Zinfandel, it’s far more embarrassing than that. The truth is that I prefer drinking... more »

Why not to drink sparkling wines in a Champagne glass

by  |  31-07-2017

For most of July, I’ve been drinking a lot of sparkling wine. While it would seem a natural fit with the hot weather (and it’s not just my imagination) I’ve been tasting a vast array... more »

Back to the original wine cup

by  |  26-01-2015

Mega wine giant Torres is going back to their beginnings with a new campaign, “A la conquista del clásico” which focuses on two things. The first is their Sangre de Toro 5€ blended wine which... more »

The Priorat wine glass

by  |  28-10-2012

There is something to be said for a wine region’s fame when it even has stemware specifically designed for it. This is the case of DOQ Priorat in Catalonia, a region that now enjoys its... more »