The terror of wine people gifting has arrived

by  |  05-12-2019 ~ 1 Comment

Oh... sweet sweaty Bacchus, it's happened again, hasn't it? Thanksgivings in the US and Canada have passed along with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Impulse Buy Tuesday. And you now painfully realize that another year... more »

Gifts for those wine type people you know and… dread?

by  |  10-12-2018

Wine type folks (*) are horrible to get gifts for. “Oh!” you’re possibly thinking, “Surely, I can simply give them the gift of wine? No?” Forget about that pronto as most any bottle, unless insanely... more »

Not all Ah-So’s are created equal

by  |  01-07-2017

The Ah-So is that prongy thing in the back of the utensil draw that most people don’t even know the name of. Theories abound about the name but the more important fact is that it’s... more »

Wine gifts and tools for the sommelier & collector

by  |  21-12-2015

Also have a look at this extended wine lovers/sommelier gift list As it often the case when people reach this point in December (or in about seven days in Europe for Three Kings), you have... more »

The tools of the sommelier trade

by  |  21-07-2015

I just received a box of some new and improved sommelier tools. While there aren’t as many tools crucial to the work of being a sommelier (beyond cramming a literal library of knowledge in to... more »