Radević Estate, a new Montenegrin winery25-11-2013

If you’ve tasted wine from Montenegro, then more than likely you’ve tasted one made by Plantaže winery. This is due to their having some 11 million vines on 2,300ha of land and producing 17 million... more>

Fun facts about Plantaže in Montenegro02-01-2012

If you’ve had a wine from Montenegro, then most likely it was from Plantaže. Started as a huge “Agrokombinat” nearly half a century ago, they claim that their Ćemosko vineyard is the largest in all... more>

Kosovo wines getting seen31-10-2011

So, it appears that either Stone Castle winery in Kosovo sponsored a press tour or a few journalists have managed to find their way down to Kosovo and taste the wines that they’re producing there... more>