Southern French wine fair slap fight

by  |  12-03-2017

With the general corruption in Spanish politics, the short-sighted xenophobia in British politics, and then the… whatever you want to call gaping void into the nether world that’s opened in American politics, I have little... more »

Chêne Bleu’s decade of rosé evolution

by  |  23-04-2016

It was exactly two years ago that I was first introduced to Chêne Bleu at the G-Night event that takes place during Alimentària–‘G’ for Grenache lest you forget it. Of all the wines that this... more »

AOC Lirac: Wine worth crossing the river for

by  |  09-04-2016

AOC Lirac isn’t a name that rolls off most wine drinkers’ tongues when talking about the Southern Rhône Valley. Honestly, it wasn’t one that rolled off mine either given that most people talk about Châteauneuf... more »

Spanish wines to feature at Vinisud 2016

by  |  13-11-2015

I received an email the other day announcing that “Spanish Wines” will be featured at the next edition of Vinisud in 2016. For those unfamiliar with this event, it takes place in Montpellier and I... more »

Vinisud 2014

by  |  11-03-2014

At the beginning of February a friend of mine asked me if I was going to Vinisud in Montpellier, France this year. I told him that I hadn’t honestly thought about it. After seeing that... more »

In search of that almighty wine app

by  |  05-03-2014

We are some ungodly amount of years in to the App Epoch of Civilization and as of yet, I’ve not been able to find the almighty “wine app” that doesn’t bug the crap out of... more »