And now, castellers23-09-2012

It’s not wine-related (although we tried something new from the Catalan Wine Fair afterwards) but if you haven’t seen castellers before, here’s a video we took in Plaça de Sant Jaume today. This group, the... more>

Miličić wines, with video!13-02-2012

Miličić is an easy winery to find in Potomje, as it’s quite big and continues to get bigger. The amazing thing about this is that Pavo Miličić isn’t starting with the foundations of a former... more>

Take a dip in 1986 Yugoslavia06-10-2011

From the pretty much always awesome, Yugoslavia – Virtual Museum comes mention of a 25 year-old travel documentary shot in what was then, Yugoslavia. It’s an amusing half hour watch if for no other reason... more>

Croatian Grand Portfolio Tasting video02-07-2011

For those that like a constant soundtrack of random music as well as soundbites about Croatian wine, then this video is for you. I’m not sure when it was posted online, but it gives a... more>

That Primitivo, Crljenak, Zinfandel feeling07-03-2011

Shockingly, this promo video for Paso Robles wine is not only amazingly accurate, but also quite funny covering the origins of Californian Zinfandel from Croatia and Italy all in the format of the Old Spice... more>