Finding the finesse in a ‘rancid wine’

by  |  02-01-2017

It may impossible when gazing upon the crumbling slate and the rugged landscape, but in 1893 phylloxera arrived to the Catalan county of Priorat, starting in the village of Porrera. From there it spread rapidly... more »

Vi Ranci in World of Fine Wine

by  |  13-12-2016

My personal history with the wine known as Vi Ranci goes as such: I tried it for the first time about eight years ago and didn’t know what to make of it, I tried it... more »
Milk chocolate, Vi de Panses, dark chocolate, Arrels del Priorat

Wine & Chocolate, ergh

by  |  02-02-2016

Being originally American, I grew up steeped in the tradition of Valentine’s Day which arrives on the 14th of this month. Let this be a reminder for those who don’t happen to pledge allegiance to... more »

Vi Ranci finally gets its due

by  |  01-03-2014

Vi Ranci is often avoided by people. We suppose it has to do with the name which directly translates from Catalan as “rancid wine”. Admittedly that’s not too appealing and sounds downright repulsive. The taste... more »

Sereno Sidecar: The cocktail is real

by  |  03-08-2012

It really wasn't meant to be originally. While ensconced in the "Fortress of Solitude" (a rather isolated 11th century Catalan farmhouse) working on the Empordà guide we'd take a break here and there to do... more »

What to do with Vi Ranci?

by  |  25-06-2012 ~ 1 Comment

In Catalunya, vi ranci is a wine made via an oxidation process. It can be, well, an acquired tasted. When it's good, it's interesting with this kind of burnt quality to it that is actually... more »