Two very different sides of DO Ribera del Duero

by  |  08-04-2022

This is a short comparison of the wines from Abadía de San Quirce and Bodegas Veganzones. While both are located in DO Ribera del Duero, they illustrate just how much difference there can be in... more »

A Southern European selection of François Lurton

by  |  03-05-2021

François Lurton is but one member of the vast Lurton family, long-established in Bordeaux. If you’d like to read up on their history, I’d recommend having a look at this article as I would but... more »
Photo courtesy of Bodegas Protos

Tasting the current line of Bodegas Protos

by  |  17-02-2021

There are many great aspects of Bodegas Protos in Ribera del Duero, but for the sake of this article there are two that stand out as the most important. The first is that they make... more »

What the new DO Rueda classifications mean

by  |  02-12-2019 ~ 4 Comments

DO Rueda has announced a hefty overhaul of their governing rules or pliego de condiciones. For a DO that most people think of in terms of, "White wines. Verdejo grape, a little Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh,... more »

In The Glass: Hiriart Rosado Élite 2011

by  |  30-03-2013

When we popped in to the Nariz de Oro event in Barcelona on the 12th, we found that, in addition to all the top sommeliers in town battling it out nose to nose, there were... more »