An update on Valencia’s wine border conflict

by  |  11-07-2022

The largescale border conflict between denominations of origin (DO) in the Autonomous Region of Valencia in Spain that was reported on back in February of this year appears to have continuing issues. In brief, at... more »

Deeper details on Valencia’s wine border conflict

by  |  11-02-2022

For years now, a local skirmish between the three denominations of origin in Spain’s Autonomous Region of Valencia has been brewing. While in no way living up to geopolitical crisis that’s been unfolding in Ukraine,... more »

Tasting the finest wines of València & Spain’s Levant

by  |  04-01-2019

This past New Year’s Eve found me in València, hired on as the “wine expert” for a group that had flown down for the UK to say goodbye to 2018 and take on the mantle... more »

Coming to terms: Vicente Gandía – Bobal Único 2015

by  |  16-07-2018

I’m not terribly old yet (I think) but I’m sure I’m already starting to repeat myself. I meet a lot of people and I give a lot of talks on things so I just get... more »