A review of “It Starts With Wine”25-02-2019

The passage of time has taught us that history repeats itself for those who refuse to learn it and wine, is exceptionally hard to capture on film. To date, I’m of the opinion that the... more>

Defining “wine bar”31-03-2015

What seems like a century ago but was really just in 2008, I wrote a smacky little article on my personal website about my frustration with wine bars in San Francisco. Despite not being the... more>

A San Francisco tasting of San Juan, Argentina16-12-2014

While blasting through San Francisco in September and enjoying bruschetta at Biondivino, I stopped in at a one day tasting of wines from San Juan, Argentina. In general, most Argentine wines I find are from... more>

In The Glass: Irouleguy Arrola 201017-10-2012

This is a quite different wine than what we’re generally used to as it’s a Basque wine from the French side of Basque Country in the small town of Saint-Étienne-de-Baïgorry. This Arrola from Irouleguy is... more>