A sparkling stalwart: Segura Viudas

by  |  23-12-2020

The wines of Segura Viudas have consistently delivered in terms of quality for price for some time. The winery itself is a historic estate that I’ve been to in the past and been duly impressed... more »

All the bubbly fit to drink

by  |  26-01-2017

The clouds part when the middle of January presents itself. This is of course only in the figurative sense as literally, the weather is quite squalid, but this moment of clarity is due to reaching... more »

Penedès, so fresh and so cold

by  |  04-08-2015

I’m not going out on a limb to say that we’ve had more than our share of hot weather this summer. I suppose it’s making up for the relatively mild summer last year. Given this,... more »