Food Through Wine: Reus, Catalunya

by  |  07-10-2022

A regular series that reviews dining through the lens of wine. Anyone who lives in Spain is lying to your face if they don’t say that Euskadi (Basque Country) is the top culinary destination in... more »

Living Wine in Reus or #ReusViuelVi (Day 2)

by  |  17-06-2013

Read Part 1 of #ReusViuelVi Early in the morning on Saturday (June 8th) I was woken up by the loudest thunder and a tropical storm followed. That’s it, I thought, I was enjoying Reus too... more »

Living Wine in Reus or #ReusViuelVi (Day 1)

by  |  16-06-2013

Thanks to friend and blogger extraordinarie, Ruth Troyano I was lucky to be invited to the wine fair Reus Viu el Vi last weekend in, yes you’ve guessed it, the city of Reus about 130km... more »