Charles Collin, Champagne, France

by  |  15-02-2023

Having a look at some of the current releases from Charles Collin, a Champagne house that has some 140 growers providing grapes from 330ha and a strong focus on Pinot Noir which makes up 92%... more »
Photo by Fiddlehead Cellars

A taste of Fiddlehead & talk with Kathy Joseph

by  |  27-04-2022

If you work in the wine trade, Fiddlehead Cellars is very much a known entity. As one of the founding wineries of Sta. Rita Hills AVA in Southern California, winemaker Kathy Joseph and her wines... more »

The wines of Petaluma Gap AVA 2022

by  |  08-03-2022

Napa Valley has long-claimed the wealth of headlines about California wine. The irony in this is that it produces but 4% of all wine in California each year. Sonoma County to the west of Napa... more »

In The Glass – Clément Châtenoy Menetou-Salon Tradition 2017

by  |  21-10-2021

In March of 2020 I was in the Loire Valley judging a Sauvignon Blanc competition that would effectively be my last travel outside of Spain for a year and a half. Due to quickly-changing conditions,... more »

A perspective tasting of Alta Alella’s “10”

by  |  14-10-2021

There are many reasons to get to know the winery of Alta Alella in Catalunya. The easiest one to understand is the location as it sits on a hill with an splendid view of the... more »

In The Glass: Domaine Changarnier – Pierrefitte 2014

by  |  11-05-2021

The thankless chore in tasting wines from Bourgogne (*) is the never-ending quest to find those that you can not only enjoy but also that you can “readily” afford. This was a large part of... more »

In The Glass: André Clouet Brut Millésimé 2008

by  |  27-01-2021

And now for something different as I don’t really drink much Champagne. I know, I know, it’s horridly sacrilegious as I’ve been told repeatedly by many a colleague in the UK wine trade. But, being... more »

In The Glass: Sugrue – The Trouble with Dreams 2010

by  |  30-12-2020

Let’s just take a moment, inhale deeply and envision the spring of 2016. I don’t work at Facebook, so I don’t know where you were, but I remember very well where I was. It was... more »

Finding Clímax in Can Ràfols dels Caus

by  |  11-09-2020

In tasting samples for articles about the Penedès region, the wines from one winery would continually appear in the top. For an article about the white wines in Penedès, “La Calma” was one of the... more »

In The Glass: Toto Marqués – Prades 950 2016

by  |  01-07-2020

There’s been a justified push to promote “terroir” insofar as it relates to wine. This French word, which means “sense of place” or more simply, “locale” is all fine and good unless it’s the case... more »