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What is wine “news”?

by  |  10-07-2017

The other day my inbox was crying out to me. I felt its pain as well as a healthy lick of smartassery and put up the following tweet: Tip to all marketers: The scores Wine... more »
Athens in 2015, I think?

Wine & Health

by  |  10-04-2017

Wine by definition is cyclical. The growing season presents us with a new vintage each year and this in turn defines the commentary on the beverage. I mention this as currently we’re seeing something of... more »
One year at the San Francisco Love Parade...

Natural, assholes, & how to get attention in wine writing

by  |  03-04-2017 ~ 1 Comment

It's preferable to sit in the sidelines of wine and social media to let the bits retweet as they may. But what happens when you do actually need to stand out and "use" the internetz... more »

The many faces of Cork Taint

by  |  06-09-2013

In wine circles, some of the most annoying people I’ve run in to are the, “corkers” who are those people that always feel that they must one-up everyone else in the room by declaring boldly,... more »

A wine educator that’s certifiable?

by  |  16-10-2012

Certification programs whether they be Sommelier, Master Taster, Supreme Wine… I don’t know… Drinker, seem to be popping up faster than CO2 during initial fermentation these days. In the US, random certifications are like opinions... more »

Give Croatian Wines a D.O.!

by  |  23-08-2012

At the end of 2012’s summer, the tubes of the internet will be flush with brand new “Croatian wine” articles which is a cycle that has been repeating itself since social media fired up around... more »

The blind tasting the blind

by  |  20-06-2012

Recently the topic has again been re-opened as to whether we can taste the difference between red and white wines or cheap from expensive when blindfolded. It’s a good question that piques my interest to... more »

Wine: The drink of rich, older, educated women

by  |  24-01-2012

For those who don’t know the online magazine Good, you should. Beyond its amazing infographics, they publish some of the best articles to be seen online and somehow, are almost always able to be consistently... more »

The re-branded wines

by  |  05-10-2011

In coming home the other day, I pulled the Cole Hardware mailer out of my box. This is a local hardware store that, despite my pleas to the contrary keeps sending me a paper advertisement... more »

AOC, AVA, DO, DOC, and now: HV

by  |  26-08-2011

For those who enjoy digging a bit deeper on wines, the following terms will be rather familiar to you: AOC, AVA, DO, and DOC. These are of course controlled wine regions in France, the US,... more »