Croatian Grand Portfolio Tasting video02-07-2011

For those that like a constant soundtrack of random music as well as soundbites about Croatian wine, then this video is for you. I’m not sure when it was posted online, but it gives a... more>

Croatian Portfolio Tasting article roundup24-06-2011

A number of articles have been written about the Croatian portfolio tasting event last week in New York City at Hudson Terrace. Here’s a roundup of a few of them: Croatian Chronicle emphasized that, “Now,... more>

New York Croatian Wine Tasting Roundup17-06-2011

What a week it’s been in New York City for Croatian wines. With both the Croatian Grand Portfolio Tasting on Monday as well as the Croatian Winemaker Dinner at Veslo on Tuesday, it was a... more>

Croatian wines in New York City13-06-2011

Today and tomorrow are big days for the wines from Croatia. It all starts off with the Croatian Grand Portfolio Tasting which is endeavoring to introduce those in the New York food and beverage scene... more>

Just a taste of Jura25-05-2011

When we were in New York last month, tasting wines for an update to the Dalmatia guide, Krešo Petreković, of Vinum let us know about a tasting of French wines from the Jura region that... more>

An update on Dalmatian vintages25-04-2011

We had to scramble with Daniel Pedisich to meet up for a tasting of the wines he imports which in addition to our previous tasting in NYC will all go in to the update for... more>

Murray Hill Girl Wine10-04-2011

We had to get to bed early on our first night in NYC because the next day, we had a tasting for the update to Vinologue Dalmatia with this Croat fellow named Krešo who works... more>