A book review of “To Fall in Love, Drink This”

by  |  26-09-2022

There are few writers such as Alice Feiring that can achieve such an impressive level of discussions and heated debates in the world of wine without having to constantly-wallow in dead-end Twitter spats. Remember that... more »

The only pét-nat I ever loved

by  |  14-04-2022

I don’t have the most glorious of histories with pétillant naturel aka “pét-nat”. In general, most of what I’ve had would be best described as, “rude”. Short in the mouth and yes, fruity, but yet... more »

Revisiting an urban favorite: Broc Cellars

by  |  15-02-2022

Back in 2011, I was spending a good deal of time at a local San Francisco bar called, Koko Cocktails. Beyond enjoying a drink, my reasons for this were twofold. Number one with a bullet... more »

A book review of “The Goode Guide to Wine”

by  |  08-07-2020 ~ 2 Comments

"The Goode Guide to Wine" is the newest book from long-time wine blogger, prolific and well-regarded British author, Jamie Goode that sees release in September. Having a PhD in plant biology, most of his books... more »
Photo by Coulée de Serrant

Mister Joly & Me

by  |  18-05-2020

Nicolas Joly gains admiration and/or scorn from vast and disparate sources. Since at least the 7th edition (and probably previous to that) in the hefty reference tome, the “World Atlas of Wine”, the “cru” vineyards... more »

In The Glass: Niepoort Nat’cool Tinto 2017

by  |  13-04-2020 ~ 5 Comments

While the Niepoort name had piqued interest to buy this wine online, once it arrived, the presentation was a bit perplexing. The one liter bottle format was solid and welcome (Elisabeta Foradori does a similar... more »

Sicus, when wine is made in the vineyard

by  |  12-07-2019

Driving forty five minutes covers a lot of ground in the wine world. It affords a 41km view of the entire Côte d’Or in Burgundy. Similarly, it will see you go from the top to... more »

Üllo: Why the wine sulfites & headaches myth never dies…

by  |  06-12-2018 ~ 2 Comments

So as is typically the case, the claim was framed as such: "A wine filter that will make your pinot noir headaches disappear" and as always, the claim was most assuredly not true and probably... more »

When “natural” comes a knockin’. Mascorrubí Heretat 1297 – Annat 2017

by  |  09-07-2018

Sometime back I was sent a couple of wines from a local region that actually had “natural” writ large upon the label. This was a new one to me as anyone producing wines of this... more »
From such holes gold, or even platinum emerges...

Georgian wine evolution: Kvevri gold at Decanter Awards

by  |  04-07-2018

Given my living location and writing focus I’m viewed as a “Spain person” for the Decanter Awards. This is great and I’m very happy to judge these wines but I made a mention to the... more »