The mightiness of Mencía

by  |  23-06-2021

For the June, 2021 edition of wine magazine World of Fine Wine, I’m happy to have contributed an extensive profile of the Spanish grape variety, Mencía. For those unfamiliar with this publication, it’s an impressive... more »

Lobeiras, a descent into madness

by  |  28-04-2021

Silíce Viticultores is a project from three parents, born in 2013 that’s based in Barrantes, Galicia. It was started by two brothers, Carlos and Juan Manuel Rodríguez who are based in Vigo. They wanted to... more »

In The Glass – Verónica Ortega – ROC 2017

by  |  09-04-2021

Verónica Ortega is no stranger to these pages. I reviewed her Cobrana 2016 two years ago and she’s been a winemaker I’ve watched closely since first meeting her just over seven years ago at Vinisud... more »

The wines of DO Bierzo in 2021

by  |  05-04-2021

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Bierzo region in northwestern Spain is in the middle of nowhere. Its main town and capital, Ponferrada is three hours by car from the airport in Vigo... more »

Tasting Descendientes de J. Palacios 2019

by  |  10-02-2021

Last October, in one of the few open windows for travel in between the lockdowns that we keep experiencing during this pandemic, I made a trip to Bierzo to taste their wines and compile research... more »

In The Glass: Gran Bierzo Rosado 2019

by  |  14-10-2020

I’m thankfully no “wine influencer“, so I’m not terribly accustomed to my Instagram, “blowing up” but blow up it did when I posted this rosé from Bierzo last week. It was in a blind tasting... more »

In The Glass: Raúl Pérez – Ultreia Saint Jacques 2017

by  |  25-09-2020

For those coming around to DO Bierzo and the charm of the variety, Mencía, Raúl Pérez has long been hailed as one of the star winemakers of the region and its primary grape. Bierzo is... more »

In The Glass: Veronica Ortega – Cobrana 2016

by  |  10-05-2019

For some time, Mencía, a grape native to the Bierzo region, was the “Pinot Noir of the moment” for Spain. The comparison seems to always be made with any grape, Spanish or not, that’s red,... more »

The 4€ Bierzo Mencía experience

by  |  12-10-2017

I have something of a Modern Art-like fascination with the grocery store chain, Lidl. The implementation of their stores varies wildly from one country to another and in some stores, such as those in the... more »

Descendientes de J. Palacios – Pétalos 2015

by  |  21-08-2017

Living where I do, I know the wines of Álvaro Palacios very well as his winery is one of the most dominant in the region. Something like 15% of all the grapes grown in DOQ... more »