La Guia de Vins de Catalunya 201526-11-2014

The annual presentation for the Guia de Vins de Catalunya happened this past Monday. This book is now in its 7th edition and strives to include as many of the wines of Catalonia as possible... more>

When the cork fails08-10-2012

With all of the Tumblrs out there like Rich Cats of Instagram, Stuff on my dog’s head, or belated “dear leader” Kim Jong Il Looking at Things, I can’t believe that there isn’t “Cork Fail”... more>

A 20th century tasting of Vinya Selva de Mar30-08-2012

Wine shops are funny in Catalonia and Spain. In the wine world at large, vintages are quite important as (at least prior to the Michel Rolland, laboratory wine state of things) there would be good... more>

Wines from the wind13-08-2012

It’s not terribly easy to explain the Tramuntana, this northern wind that blows heavily across the Empordà counties in Catalonia, the northeast corner of Spain. Sure, it’s a wind, but it’s not just any wind.... more>

A view of terraced vineyards12-02-2012

For the past week, we’ve been hopping around Alt Empordà, researching wines for our forthcoming Empordà enotourism guide. Naturally, this being February, it’s been cold, really cold. To add to that, there has been something... more>