Vins de Foresta – Marselan 201306-05-2016

Marselan is a curious beast that’s been popping up here and there. Originally created as a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, it was successfully bred near the town of Marseillan, France from which it... more>

The Mighty Marselan04-07-2012

It’s only taken about half a century, but it seems that the wonderful little grape called Marselan is getting some recognition. In some roundabout way, I came across this article from last year. While it... more>

La Vinyeta Mig Mig 201029-06-2012

After enjoying the Mig Mig 2009 from *lavinyeta some time back, I have to say that it’s amazing at the consistency between it and the new 2010 vintage. Obviously, the 2010 has its own character,... more>

LaVinyeta Mig Mig 200914-09-2011

LaVinyeta has been growing steadily as a winery over the years and we’ve been happily following along since the beginning when winemaker Josep Serra Pla was just starting out and only had a small offer... more>

Tasting at Espelt03-01-2011

This is an article from our archives that was previously run on another site in May, 2007. Espelt is a youngish winery that was founded in 2000 on a family property in Vilajuïga in northeastern... more>