Tasting Parés Baltà’s future, from 2021

by  |  07-09-2022

In cleaning up my tasting notes, I came across this, en primeur tasting of wines that I did in the early spring at Parés Baltà with the winemaker, Marta Casas. I believe I was up... more »

Wines outside the lines: Bodegas Frontonio

by  |  30-06-2021

Alpartir, Spain isn’t a destination on any wine map of the country. Even in a non-wine context, I’d never heard a whisper of the place before. While it’s about 10km south of a larger town... more »

Tomas Cusiné goes small

by  |  09-06-2021

While Costers del Segre may be one of Catalunya’s most unknown Denominations of Origin (DOs), one of the most active and driven producers within it is, Tomàs Cusiné located in the village of Vilosell, in... more »

Recaredo Enoteca Reserva Particular 2004. Full Stop.

by  |  16-11-2020

Recaredo has always played something of a long game when it comes to their wines. Even their most “basic” wine, the Terrers sees 32 months of aging, putting it at the level of Gran Reserva–if... more »

Finding Clímax in Can Ràfols dels Caus

by  |  11-09-2020

In tasting samples for articles about the Penedès region, the wines from one winery would continually appear in the top. For an article about the white wines in Penedès, “La Calma” was one of the... more »

In The Glass: Sangenís i Vaqué – Lo Coster Blanc 2018

by  |  14-08-2020

Everyone in marketing these days is emphasizing the importance of “the story” over all else. Those of us who drink wine like to think that what really counts is in the bottle though. Thankfully, this... more »

Anna Espelt on “Anna Espelt”

by  |  09-12-2019

The Espelt winery sits just outside the village of Vilajuïga, Empordà (Catalunya) and it honestly hasn’t changed a great deal on the outside over the last seven or even 10 years. A large, purpose-built concrete... more »

In The Glass: Viña Tondonia – Rosado Gran Reserva 2008

by  |  23-08-2019

Much like politics these days, the concept of “unicorn wine” drives me a bit bonkers. For those who’ve not found their Instagram awash in its eleven-lettered presence, essentially they’re wines that are so rare and... more »

Mas Doix goes Blanc

by  |  14-01-2019

It’s no secret that I love the wines produced in DOQ Priorat to no end. But, there are good producers and then there are those who reach that “moreish” level of enjoyment of which, Mas... more »

Wonderful Gran Reserva Cavas for unreasonable times

by  |  15-12-2018

It’s roundabout mid-December when the bubbly articles inevitably percolate throughout all manners of media. The codified thinking is that for these festive times, you’ll want what has been deemed the most celebratory of drinks: sparkling... more »