67 Pall Mall and the price of wine

by  |  16-04-2015

Most people probably shrug off a wine that costs $25 on a restaurant wine list but that they’ve seen for $10 in a store as just a cost of dining out. What you might not... more »

Lavinia wine theft & ridiculous wines

by  |  07-04-2015

The first time I stepped in Lavinia in Madrid, I thought, “Wow, what a selection. It’d suck if someone walked out with some of it.” Turns out someone must have heard me as thieves made... more »

The mega yacht wine cellar

by  |  06-11-2014

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to randomly meet a woman who manages the wine cellar on a mega yacht. The woman in question wished to remain anonymous and didn’t want to divulge who... more »