You say “lip stinger”, I say no

by  |  20-07-2014

I’m not sure why I’m such a pedantic twit when it comes to wine grape names. I suppose it’s because all European grapes have a name that typically means something whether it’s the place they’re... more »

English Marriage #1

by  |  12-12-2012

[wine] is matured in the bottle for at least two years before leaving our winery. [wine] is especially recommended as accompaniment to tuna, and marries well with all meats, particularly slow-cooked meat dishes in sauce,... more »

English Marriage

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There are times when, as an English speaker, you visit a winery in a non-Anglophone country and see that they’ve made some effort to have their brochures or wine labels in English. This can be... more »

Rooster Balls and Catalan grapes unknown

by  |  13-09-2012

Last week, when dropping off copies of our Empordà guide, we stopped in at Mas Molla in Calonge (Baix Empordà). As things go, we got talking with the current family winemaker, Montse Molla about local... more »

Enjoying Plovac Mali and other Croatian islandisms

by  |  03-02-2012

Something that is to be expected, yet still surprising when traversing the Croatian islands of Dalmatia, is the change in language. The dialects of Croatian will actually shift in very large degrees from island to... more »

Muscatel never sounded so bad

by  |  04-07-2011

Muscatel is one of those wines that I love in sweet form, especially the Catalan Moscatell. Pictured at the right is a lovely example from Celler Martin Faixó in Cadaqués, Empordà. It’s a light, sweet,... more »