Kizikuri Tradiciuli: In search of Georgian terroir

by  |  25-11-2019

“Would you like to go see our vineyard?” After many visits to Georgian wineries, it was the first time I’d had this question posed by a winemaker in this, “The Cradle of Wine”. Many recent... more »

The wines of the Republic of Georgia in 2019

by  |  07-10-2019

There are few countries such as Georgia which are both widely-covered in media, yet still remain incredibly misunderstood. Whether it’s the incorrect attribution to a Ray Charles song in order to be “cutesy” or the... more »

Khikhvi: impossible to say, impossible not to love

by  |  15-03-2019

When in Georgia researching the book, there were a handful of words I learned immediately: “hello” (gamarjoba), “yes” (ki/kho), “no” (ara), and “thank you” (madloba). “Cheers” (gaumarjos) arrived quickly out of necessity but it was... more »
From such holes gold, or even platinum emerges...

Georgian wine evolution: Kvevri gold at Decanter Awards

by  |  04-07-2018

Given my living location and writing focus I’m viewed as a “Spain person” for the Decanter Awards. This is great and I’m very happy to judge these wines but I made a mention to the... more »

Ancient Georgian winemaking loses one of its modern founders

by  |  12-04-2018

It’s sad to report the passing of Georgian winemaker, Soliko Tsaishvili. He had been diagnosed in the early stages of pancreatic cancer in 2016 and while receiving treatment since, friends reported that he succumbed to... more »
Pictured with the Georgia book

In The Glass: Alaverdi Monastery – Saperavi 2011

by  |  23-06-2017

There are few winery slogans that can match that of the Alaverdi Monastery in Kakheti, Georgia. To state, “Since 1011” on the label leaves little up for debate that these monks have been making wine... more »

Paried with Lukasi Saperavi 2013

by  |  26-11-2016

When in Tbilisi, Culinarium Khasheria is one of those must-eat stops for most anyone. I was there just recently while working on the last bit of research for the Georgian wine book and like previous... more »

Traditional kvevri opening

by  |  21-10-2016

While traversing across all of Georgia for a new wine book, I saw many things and then, when I arrived to the “Ancestral Wine Cellar” in Kakheti, I saw a few more. The Sagvareulo family... more »

The UNWTO’s first Wine Tourism Conference & Georgia

by  |  17-09-2016

After finishing up the bulk of research for a new Georgian wine book, from September 7-9th I attended the first annual Wine Tourism Conference, organized by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Georgia was chosen... more »