Lovely in presentation as as well as flavor

In The Glass: Fernando de Castilla – Fino Antique

by  |  08-02-2016

When attending the Sherry Educators course last fall, I tried to schedule visits with some of the Sherry cellars in Jerez to round out my general knowledge of this lovely beverage by tasting as much... more »

Luis Pérez and his Tintilla 2012

by  |  14-12-2015

Living in Priorat, I didn’t intend to buy any red wine while in Jerez for the Sherry Educators course in October. On my last day there however, I stopped in at this wine shop called,... more »

Drinking 240 year-old Sherry will land you in jail

by  |  19-09-2015

During a tour through Crimea by Russian president/leader-for-life Vladimir Putin and former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi (who all British press add “disgraced” to the beginning of) they apparently drank a very rare bottle of... more »

Drinking Sherry wines

by  |  13-01-2015

Sherry is one of those drinks that is largely misunderstood as most people believe it to be a sweet drink when in reality, the majority of it is dry or more to the point, not... more »

The venencia

by  |  09-12-2014

Anyone who has visited a wine cellar knows well the thrill when the winemaker whips out that glass tube called a pipette and pulls a long, smooth draw of visceral wine from the barrel. When... more »

Sherry Triangle tasting at the convent of Santo Domingo

by  |  05-12-2014

For most, the image of Spain being exactly like Mexico but with a “lisp” is due to most people equating Andalusia, the furthest south region of the country, with being what Spain is and assuming... more »

A unique tasting/streaming of Finos Palmas in Barcelona

by  |  22-11-2013

Being that I am a quasi-neophyte in the world of Sherry, I will jump at the opportunity to join any tasting event to further my education of this generally delicious but generally unappreciated Spanish wine... more »