On Hvar Island

by  |  29-07-2011

The Croatian tourism mecca. The New Riviera. The New Saint Tropez. Whatever. The accolades for Hvar being geographically fortunate enough to be Hvar continually roll in from tourism promoters around the world. The New York... more »

Jelsa and 19th century wine from Hvar

by  |  01-07-2011

This Plavac Mali post on Go Hvar was nice reminder about the history of the wine on Hvar, which author Mara is currently exploring. Another interesting item in regards to Hvar wine history is the... more »

Looking on the beauty of Hvar

by  |  28-06-2011

Last week, the folks from Carić Winery in the Hvar island of Croatia posted a really nice picture on their Facebook wall of the village of Svirče and the lavender growing wild around it. It... more »

Sampling Crljenak/Tribidrag

by  |  20-04-2011

Crljenak Kaštelanski, also known as Tribidrag is not the easiest wine to find –at least in Croatia. In California, it’s Zinfandel and in Italy, it’s Primitivo. These are pretty much household names at this point.... more »

Jelsa, Hvar: Tomić & Duboković

by  |  08-10-2010

This is an article from our archives that was previously run on another site in July, 2007. We visited two winemakers in the town of Jelsa on Hvar: Tomić and Duboković. While there are some... more »