Photo from Bodegas Montecillo.

A deeper look at Bodegas Montecillo

by  |  14-12-2022

In what now seems like a century ago, I made a lengthy research visit to Rioja in November of last year. My goals were various, but the main one was to taste Garnacha wines in... more »

Pepe Raventós – Mas del Serral 2010

by  |  10-11-2021

After tasting Textures de Pedra last year, I realized a visit to the winery of Raventós i Blanc was long overdue so I finally went once movement restrictions were lifted back in March. Upon arriving,... more »

Villota, a bend in the river

by  |  22-07-2021

Laserna, Álava, at the border of Basque Country and La Rioja doesn’t offer terribly much in terms of sights. A main road narrowly winds its way through the few houses of the village, the old... more »

In The Glass: Olivier Rivière- Rayos Uva 2019

by  |  26-05-2021

I don’t know when, but someday we’ll look back from a vantage point far, far in the future and say, “So… why on earth did people think Rioja wines had to be almost all Tempranillo?”... more »

In The Glass: Raventós i Blanc – Textures de Pedra 2016

by  |  27-11-2020

I’ve never been a tremendously big fan of blanc de noir Champagnes. Plop! goes the sound of each and every monocle in the room falling into every glass of Bollinger being sipped. But I feel... more »

25 years of Torre Muga

by  |  14-10-2019

Mid-October in Barcelona is still Mediterranean in terms of weather as summer clings to the days but is yet graced by a glint of cool air coming in at the fringes of the season. This... more »

In The Glass: Bodegas Roda – Sela 2015

by  |  29-07-2018

I’ve been following the evolution of this Sela from Bodegas Roda for some time now and you can read up what I wrote about the 2013 and 2014 vintages. For anyone unfamiliar with the winery,... more »

In The Glass: Bodegas Roda – Sela 2014

by  |  30-06-2017

I was quite excited to receive this recent sample as I’d tasted the Sela 2013 sometime back and found it to be not only a great wine, but also a great value. I’m not really... more »

López de Heredia – Viña Tondonia Reserva 2004

by  |  07-04-2017

I’ve spent this whole week in La Rioja, a name in Spanish wine that even the most casual of wine drinkers have usually heard of if nothing else. It’s been a trip that’s been a... more »

Bodegas Roda – Sela 2013

by  |  01-12-2016

Rioja is a place that continuously confuses me. It’s easy to hate on it simply because there are so many cheap wines produced from under its DOC mark–that extra ‘C’ meaning Calidad or Quality. Unfortunately... more »