In The Glass: Torres – Forcada 2016

by  |  19-02-2021

A story in wine spheres that probably hasn’t received enough attention is the work that Torres has been doing to recuperate the “lost” grape varieties of Catalunya. As the story goes, starting back in the... more »

Six wines from Penedès to know right now

by  |  26-06-2020

As is often the case, we’d just passed May 40th when summer suddenly exploded out of nowhere here in Spain. It seems that overnight we went from chilly nights and massive, biblical rains (that have... more »

Xarel·lo: A modern rockstar

by  |  05-06-2020

Xarel·lo is the only grape in the world spelled with a (·) or punt volat, something of a thumb to the nose of “the man”. Then it, proudly presents a middle finger to all English... more »

Corpinnat & Clàssic Penedès have been in discussions to form new sparkling DO

by  |  07-05-2020

A small news item from the Corpinnat sparkling wine group was released recently that stated they’ll be forming a new Denomination of Origin (DO) that could be with the producers of Clàssic Penedès. While released... more »

In The Glass: Celler Descregut – Horafosca 2017

by  |  22-04-2020

In the Variety Profile for Xarel·lo that just went out this week, I made a mention about delicate use of skin contact to coax even more out of what is already a great grape. This... more »

The wines from Xarel·lo in Penedès 2020

by  |  20-04-2020

Workhorse. Backbone. Structured. Aromatic. Evolving. These are but a few words one can put forth when talking about the grape, Xarel·lo and they’re all true–even if some people might say them with a curled lip... more »

The eternity of Xarel·lo: Parés Baltà – Electió 2004

by  |  03-04-2020

“To date, we still don’t know how long Xarel·lo can ultimately age.” I’ve heard this oft-repeated about this white grape variety over the years, but the very first time I heard it was from Ton... more »

Torres brings Forcada to the forefront

by  |  11-03-2020

Spanish winemaking stalwart, Torres has announced an expansion of Forcada grape plantings near the village of la Llacuna in Alt Penedès. Embracing their overall plan to reintroduce this grape into production, they’ve planted the vines... more »

DO Penedès & ‘native’ reds

by  |  14-01-2020

In simpler times, if one were drinking a white wine from Spain, it would most likely have been a white from Penedès. This shouldn’t come as much of a shock given that 80% of the... more »

Wines for la Cuesta de Enero/Uphill January

by  |  02-01-2020

To all who have survived family and the holidays, well done. Now we arrive to the cold, murky days of January, probably broke, or at at least a bit broken. You probably don't even want... more »