Cartema Blanco 2012

by  |  13-07-2017

Hell hath no fury like July in Catalonia and one with little chilled wine to drink. Given this heat and blustery humidity, I was scampering about to find something to chill and while reds are... more »

A tasting in Croatia of Garnacha, Garnatxa, & Grenache

by  |  18-03-2017

We’ve arrived to a day and age wherein I don’t understand how someone can’t appreciate Grenache–if not love it. Sure, there are people who are going to only like white wines, or wines with a... more »

DO Méntrida – Grenache beyond Toledo’s shadow

by  |  11-11-2015

The Grenache Belt of Southern Europe slithers around the blue waters of the Mediterranean until it snaps sharply to the center of Spain. There, this belt ends with a weather-worn buckle of a region just... more »