Talking about Croatia

by  |  15-07-2016

When living in Spain, it’s difficult to keep up with writing about Croatia, which was actually one of the first regions in Europe that I wrote about and traveled through extensively for the Dalmatia wine... more »

Never forget the Mali Plavač

by  |  02-01-2013

While dousing ourselves in San Francisco over the holidays, a friend invited us over for a Szechuan hot pot dinner. Despite eating out a lot in SF over the last two weeks, it was, without... more »

The Crljenak/Tribidrag Showdown

by  |  22-06-2012

Some time back, we had our first taste of the newly-invigorated Crljenak being released by Zlatan Plenković. Again, as quick fly-by primer, Crljenak (or Crljenak Kaštelanski or Tribidrag/Pribidrag) is the genetically identical grape to Zinfandel... more »

Sampling Crljenak/Tribidrag

by  |  20-04-2011

Crljenak Kaštelanski, also known as Tribidrag is not the easiest wine to find –at least in Croatia. In California, it’s Zinfandel and in Italy, it’s Primitivo. These are pretty much household names at this point.... more »

That Primitivo, Crljenak, Zinfandel feeling

by  |  07-03-2011

Shockingly, this promo video for Paso Robles wine is not only amazingly accurate, but also quite funny covering the origins of Californian Zinfandel from Croatia and Italy all in the format of the Old Spice... more »