A window back into the pre-pandemic

We’re just not there yet

by  |  03-11-2021 ~ 7 Comments

Last week I went to attend a professional wine tasting here in Catalunya. It's held inside the striking location of an abandoned church up on a hill with a view to the village below and... more »

Don’t come around here no more

by  |  04-06-2020 ~ 4 Comments

It was amazing to see so much work put into such a campaign in Priorat. It was after all shared widely across social media. Our village notice systems were constantly broadcasting it as well. Even... more »

“Over the Rainbow”, a very choice Covid-19 charity pack from DO Cariñena

by  |  25-05-2020 ~ 2 Comments

The town of Cariñena is quite literally at a crossroads. About a half hour southwest of Zaragoza in the Spanish region of Aragón, it sits on a rather vast, flat plateau around 500m in altitude.... more »

The DOQ Priorat wine box, a great offer supporting COVID-19 research

by  |  09-05-2020 ~ 4 Comments

The online offers of wine "lockdown packs" ("vins de confinament" here in Catalunya) have been circulating quite heavily these past weeks. When you calculate the prices per bottle, some of them are a quite a... more »

Spring without spring in Priorat

by  |  01-05-2020

Today would have marked the opening of the Fira del Vi, our annual wine fair here in Priorat. But, like all public events this spring, it was canceled long ago and they've scheduled a series... more » limited offer of one-year free membership for hospitality staff

by  |  15-04-2020

This offer expired on 15 May but please make use of the coupon 'slowsummer2020' when subscribing this summer to receive a 25% discount off the regular price. At, we've been doing all we can... more »

How to get wine in Spain during the quarantine

by  |  30-03-2020 ~ 6 Comments

Trying to keep one's composure ain't easy these days and in no way should alcohol be turned to as a full-on escape from the troubles that surround us. Not only is this unhealthy but it's... more »