An introduction to Empordà wines

by  |  13-06-2015

Many who come to the region of Costa Brava for holidays aren’t aware that there is a thriving wine scene waiting to be discovered that offers up no end of reasons to not buy some... more »

The Empordà/Costa Brava confusion

by  |  19-03-2013

Browsing around the internetz this morning (as that’s what Tuesday mornings are for) I came across a new company offering guided winery tours. These are a dime a dozen these days in Spain as due... more »

Wine in the Costa Brava & Empordà

by  |  10-04-2012

It became official with National Geographic listing the Costa Brava as one of their Best Trips of 2012. But wait, Spain (and more to the point, Catalonia) has been welcoming tourists for decades. Isn’t this... more »