Keeping wine, simply: The Repour

by  |  22-09-2021 ~ 3 Comments

Anyone who drinks wine often or works in the wine trade will have an abundance of corkscrews as well as gifts from anyone who sees them as a wine type person. Due to that, the... more »
Bye bye Ah-So, we had a good run

Dealing with Diam, a healthy appetite for Ah-So?

by  |  16-05-2018

I’m not sure as to the total number of wine bottles I personally open each year but it’s to the tune of several thousand. When you’re dealing with anything on that scale, whether it be... more »
A four-step approach

How to open wine with a wax capsule

by  |  05-11-2017 ~ 2 Comments

We have entered the Age of the Wax-Dipped Wine as a number of cellars have started using this method of cork covering in lieu of the more well-known metal capsule. I've heard some say that... more »

When the cork fails

by  |  08-10-2012

With all of the Tumblrs out there like Rich Cats of Instagram, Stuff on my dog’s head, or belated “dear leader” Kim Jong Il Looking at Things, I can’t believe that there isn’t “Cork Fail”... more »

For the love of a good seal

by  |  13-12-2011

While not particular to cork, screw, or glass as method of sealing a wine bottle, the one thing that really needs to happen is that whatever is holding in the wine, really holds it in.... more »