Talking about Spain around the internets

by  |  28-08-2020

August is usually a pretty slow month of spending a few days at the beach, dinners of cold dishes, and trying to get in dog walks before walking in the sun scorches you to a... more »

Corpinnat & Clàssic Penedès have been in discussions to form new sparkling DO

by  |  07-05-2020

A small news item from the Corpinnat sparkling wine group was released recently that stated they’ll be forming a new Denomination of Origin (DO) that could be with the producers of Clàssic Penedès. While released... more »
Their tasting room in the farmhouse

The novel approach of Clos Lentiscus

by  |  16-04-2016

Since fully moving to Priorat, I’ve ironically been spending a good deal of time in Penedès. First was for the “Rebels of Penedès” article and then for the Clàssic Penedès follow up. Despite Clos Lentiscus... more »

A glàss of clàss? Understanding “Clàssic Penedès”

by  |  18-03-2016

In recent years, there has been a great deal of push back against the Denomination of Origin bodies in Spain which have been perceived as moving too slowly in terms of modifying outdated restrictions to... more »

Wine pairings for recycling days

by  |  05-02-2016

It’s often the case in Catalan or Spanish that when talking about wine pairings, they translate this to ‘marriages’ in English. Thus, ‘this wine marries well with lamb’ makes it sound like a wine prone... more »