Chêne Bleu’s decade of rosé evolution

by  |  23-04-2016

It was exactly two years ago that I was first introduced to Chêne Bleu at the G-Night event that takes place during Alimentària–‘G’ for Grenache lest you forget it. Of all the wines that this... more »

Grenache Day 2015: Wines in review

by  |  21-09-2015

In case you weren’t aware, Grenache Day was on the 18th as it’s the third Friday of every September. It’s a way to promote the profile of the Grenache grape by the Grenache Association as... more »

67 Pall Mall and the price of wine

by  |  16-04-2015

Most people probably shrug off a wine that costs $25 on a restaurant wine list but that they’ve seen for $10 in a store as just a cost of dining out. What you might not... more »

Chêne Bleu

by  |  24-11-2014

Despite what seems like a simple line drawing map on their website that could lead you astray when arriving at the winery, Chêne Bleu, it is surprisingly easy. It may not seem so as first... more »

The future of wine, is seemingly up

by  |  19-11-2014

For anyone who hops around the wine world, you start to notice a common thread which is that the highest elevation vineyards produce some of the most interesting wines. It’s not a fact that they... more »

That rosé time of year

by  |  15-08-2014

It’s August and it’s hot. If there was ever something less obvious to say about Barcelona, I’ve yet to hear it. That’s why this column is about rosé. I’m generally a red drinker and I... more »