In The Glass: Drouhin Vaudon Chablis 2018

by  |  24-06-2022

It’s not a terribly bold statement to say that blind tasting is challenging. In addition to the wealth of wines around the world and countless ways to vinify the same variety in a different manner,... more »

The wines of Petaluma Gap AVA 2022

by  |  08-03-2022

Napa Valley has long-claimed the wealth of headlines about California wine. The irony in this is that it produces but 4% of all wine in California each year. Sonoma County to the west of Napa... more »
Photo by Gutter & Stars

Exceptional English Chardonnay

by  |  17-02-2022 ~ 1 Comment

Sure, still whites made from Chardonnay in the UK have been around for a while, but now it’s a variety that's definitely found its voice. While grown in the country for some time, my first... more »

A perspective tasting of Alta Alella’s “10”

by  |  14-10-2021

There are many reasons to get to know the winery of Alta Alella in Catalunya. The easiest one to understand is the location as it sits on a hill with an splendid view of the... more »

In The Glass: André Clouet Brut Millésimé 2008

by  |  27-01-2021

And now for something different as I don’t really drink much Champagne. I know, I know, it’s horridly sacrilegious as I’ve been told repeatedly by many a colleague in the UK wine trade. But, being... more »

In The Glass: Sugrue – The Trouble with Dreams 2010

by  |  30-12-2020

Let’s just take a moment, inhale deeply and envision the spring of 2016. I don’t work at Facebook, so I don’t know where you were, but I remember very well where I was. It was... more »

Tasting Costers del Segre, of altitude

by  |  28-12-2020

For any wine drinker living outside Spain, or really outside of Catalunya even, DO Costers del Segre will be a bit of an unknown. Deep in the interior and fully contained with the province of... more »

What the new DO Rueda classifications mean

by  |  02-12-2019 ~ 4 Comments

DO Rueda has announced a hefty overhaul of their governing rules or pliego de condiciones. For a DO that most people think of in terms of, "White wines. Verdejo grape, a little Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh,... more »

Wonderful Gran Reserva Cavas for unreasonable times

by  |  15-12-2018

It’s roundabout mid-December when the bubbly articles inevitably percolate throughout all manners of media. The codified thinking is that for these festive times, you’ll want what has been deemed the most celebratory of drinks: sparkling... more »

Sta. Rita Hills on the up. Tyler – La Rinconada 2014

by  |  20-11-2018

For anyone who enjoys lunacy as a past time, blind tasting is there or you to occupy your spare hours and potentially drive away any potential spouse. I do sympathize with people in this pursuit... more »