DO Cava releases new zones, tweaks, & a fresh serving of brand-new names

by  |  23-07-2020

So, it took about two years. This was time DO Cava spent consulting and figuring out how to release a zone and subzone classification scheme. This is no small feat given that the idea is... more »

Corpinnat and the death of fine Cava?

by  |  01-02-2019

At the end of January, the lucky wineries in Penedès, Catalunya were those out pruning their vines. Then there were others, dealing with heavy affairs that don’t happen every year, but perhaps once a generation.... more »

Wonderful Gran Reserva Cavas for unreasonable times

by  |  15-12-2018

It’s roundabout mid-December when the bubbly articles inevitably percolate throughout all manners of media. The codified thinking is that for these festive times, you’ll want what has been deemed the most celebratory of drinks: sparkling... more »

The 2017 Wine Predictions in review

by  |  18-01-2018

It’s one thing in wine to shoot your mouth off at the beginning of the year about what you believe will come to be in the next 12 months. In reality, it’s a crapshoot as... more »

Tastings & Talks happening

by  |  25-08-2017

If there’s one thing I’m not the best at, it’s shameless self promotion, which in some ways I feel is a positive as opposed to a negative. Still, the old adage of a tree falling... more »

And the Paratges of Cava arrive

by  |  17-08-2017

It is not unjust to say that Spain’s sparkling wine, Cava, is the antithesis of “terroir”. While 90% of this Iberian bubbly comes from within the limits of the Penedès counties in Catalunya, there are... more »

Why not to drink sparkling wines in a Champagne glass

by  |  31-07-2017

For most of July, I’ve been drinking a lot of sparkling wine. While it would seem a natural fit with the hot weather (and it’s not just my imagination) I’ve been tasting a vast array... more »

The list of the first qualified Cava de Paratge vineyards & their wines

by  |  14-07-2017

For some time there has been a lot of information floating around about the forthcoming Cava de Paratge (Spanish: Cava de Paraje) qualification for specific vineyards and parcels within the boundaries of DO Cava. If... more »
Les Sentius in the center, a historical paratge of Porrera/Falset

Explaining paratge/paraje certifications in Catalan wine

by  |  03-07-2017

With the publication of my lengthy article at Meininger’s explaining the new certifications of DOQ Priorat, it’s worth standing back from this for a moment and understanding a key term that everyone in the wine... more »

Wine Predictions for 2017

by  |  28-12-2016

This is of course that time of year when anyone writing in wine sets forth their grand predictions for this next trip around the sun. Yay! They can sometimes be interesting but, despite its slow... more »